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of real significance to the united states. to do that, we will dedicate 80% of our effort to four major cases. right now they are syria, kenya, north/central america and burma. then we'll have another eight to ten places where we can test new approaches or make a welcome difference by just sending the the right person at the right time. so far i think we're gaining traction in each of our major priority engagements. many of you are working in these places, and we realize that we won't know it all or know best about them, so we hope for your support. in syria we are providing a nontraditional surge to empower and unite a fractured, nonviolent opposition. as the secretary announced, that includes providing nonlethal assistance. we are also working with partners to set up an outpost for the internal opposition to coordinate and communicate with the international community. in kenya we are helping to develop plans to insure peaceful and credible elections a year before the vote. incidentally, kenya is one place where we've seen a potential model for broad cooperation and innovation. in nort
disruptive not only in a conflict can be destructive to the united states but other countries as well and that is one of the things about military operations in cyberspace with cascading effect that are hard to predict. we have concerns about this and this is why we created joint military platforms like a strategic security dialogue to talk about issues that we feel our potential for friction in the u.s./china relationship. cyber is one of those areas. we don't talk about space, nuclear and missile defense areas as part of the strategic dialogue. >> you mentioned last year spending was almost double what the public acknowledgment was. what things will you give us as examples that they are spending on this year? you did not speculate on the number but what they are spending on this year but not publicly acknowledged? >> we think their nuclear force modernization occurs and research and development money that goes through their defense industry we also think is from a different budget, a different account. some foreign acquisitions come from a different account as well and some local co
the years the united states and other democratic countries have imposed sanctions on the burmese government to pressure for change. now that there seems to be some progress at what pace should those sanctions be lifted? how does the u.s. provide rewards for progress without losing he have arerage for further change? >> i understand from a news broadcast this morning that senator mccain is thinking of the suspension of sanctions rather than lifting of sanctions. it possible first step. what has been done at the e.u., what has been done by the e.u., they would suspend sanctions but not lift them all together. that is a way sending a strong message that we will help the process of democratization. if this is not maintained we will have this think of other ways of making sure that the aspirations of people of burma for democracy is respected. i am am not against the suspension of sanctions as long as the people of the united states feel this is the right thing to do at the moment. i do, i do have a caution though. i sometimes feel that things, people are too optimistic about the scene in burma.
, and he said that the united states wanted to be a tremendous partner and cheerleader of the development of brazil's offshore industry. now, mr. president, i have to tell you that was like rubbing salt in the wound of tens of thousands of oil field workers and others who are suffering because of the obama administration policy here in this country really discouraging energy development. the way president obama proposed to be a strong supporter and partner and cheerleader of brazilian offshore development was through an ex-im bank loan and there are many of these sorts of loans. again, in august, 2009, talking about brazil, the case i mentioned, "the wall street journal" reported an editorial that -- quote -- "the u.s. is going to lend billions of dollars to brazil's state-owned oil company, petrobrass to finance exploration of the huge offshore delivery in brazil's oil field near rio de janeiro" -- close quote. again the ex-im bank provided a $2 billion loan to aid brazilian oil production and that's what president obama was cheering and encouraging and making happen. it's happened other
that's the reason i'm running for a second term as president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] .. >> his working assumption is, if ceos and wealthy investors like camera get rich, and the rest of us automatically will, too. there was a woman in iowa who shared heard stories of the financial struggles, and he gave her an answer right out of an economic textbook. he said are part activity equals our income. [laughter] and the notion was that somehow the reason people can't pay their bills is because they are not working hard enough. if they got more productive, then suddenly their incomes would go up. well, those of us who spent time in the real world -- [laughter] know the problem isn't the american people are not productive enough. you've been working harder than ever. the challenge we face right now, and the challenge we faced for over a decade is that harder work has not led to higher income. and bigger profits at the top have that lead to better jobs. what governor romney doesn't seem to get is that a healthy economy doesn't just mean a few folks in ma
through the auspices of the united states in an account other, that i would make a proposal at council to try to make available those proposals in a public way. i expressed that to the itu officials as well as giving an indication that we will be making a proposal. we haven't yet worked out -- it hasn't been agreed to by counsel and we haven't worked out modalities for doing that, but we are very aware of this issue and i think this is a process benefit by making available those proposals that people can see them. >> thank you. now, my other question is this, you can tell by virtue of the interest we have here today and in other places than in the u.s., there is beginning to be a knowledge about and concerned about potentially the proposals that could be raised. we've mentioned some of the countries from which there might need concern or proponents said the concerns that we have. but they just really briefly, around the world, either countries in which they are as united and are working the same way that the u.s. government has 13 to be prepared to address these? maybe you could just n
's a friend and ally of the united states. we are not calling for australian membership. we are calling for a partnership to develop. australia trains more energetically with germany and britain and france. you already trained significantly with the united states. let's say there is another humanitarian disaster the way there was in december of 2004 what happened on december 26th, australia, united states and japan and india deployed together to help the people of sri lanka and southern india because we had trained together in the air and sea. we want that type of cooperation. you have been a stalwart ally in afghanistan but you had to do it on the run not having worked very much with the european allies. it is inculcating patterns of cooperation and military training and confers no obligation on the part of parter countries. in essence it is the best of both worlds for the asia-pacific allies from my perspective. >> also hearing the most frequent complaint from australian officials is you are more than happy to use soldiers and resources in battle but we are not involved in the plannin
be bad for patients who rely on these medications and bad for the competitiveness of the united states. so i'm glad that this reauthorization, mr. president, clearly aways some of the conflict and the underbrush and will reauthorize and strengthen and streamline the review time line for new pharmaceuticals. not only will this provide the kind of predictability and certainty any business needs to succeed but it helps make sure the f.d.a.'s essential regulatory process keeps pace with scientific innovation. in my home state of delaware, there's more than 20,000 jobs that directly rely on biomedical research and innovation, but around the country, it's more than 4 million indirect and more than 675,000 jobs that directly benefit from this area. it's also, frankly, one of our strongest export areas of growth for the long term, so we need this reauthorization now. in my view, moving forward with this legislation also means finding the fine balance between speed and safety, between getting treatments to patients without delay and being certain these new drugs will be effective and safe. in a
: the clerk will report. the clerk: pule j.watford of california to be united states judge for the ninth circuit. mr. reid: madam president, i ask -- let's see. i have a cloture motion. i want that reported, please. the presiding officer: the clerk will report the motion. clerithe clerk: cloture motion: we, the undersigned senators, in accordance with the provisions of rule 22 of the standing rules of the senate, do hereby move to bring to a close debate on nomination of paul j. wattford of california to be the united states circuit judge for the ninth circuit signed by 17 senators as follows -- mr. reid: madam president, i would ask that the reading of the names be waived. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: i ask unanimous consent that the mandatory quorum under rule 22 be waived. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: i now ask, madam president, the senate resume legislative session. the presiding officer: without objection. the senate resumes legislative session. mr. reid: and what is the pending business? the presiding officer: the motion to proceed to s
for managing this transition i think it will withstand the test of time. at the united states in europe go their separate ways and figuring out how to preserve a rules-based system, then i hear that the next 20 or 30 years will be a very substantive period and international history. .. >> we are chasing to get out. we collectively, the reliance as you were just saying, senator, and i think it will be a long time coming before nato engages in the same kind of operation if engaged in in afghanistan. libya, i think the success more conclusive, but many of the conditions that were present in libya are not being replicated elsewhere, particularly in syria. a u.n. legal authority, the approval of the arab world, the degree to which libya was close to reservoirs of european power and, therefore, easy to the europeans did you even though they still relied heavily on us. in that regard i think some of the most important nato programs moving forward will not be the deployment of force, even though surely there will be some of that. they will be the broad array of programs, the partnerships, the medi
of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the presiding officer: the clerk will read a communication to the senate. the clerk: washington, d.c., may 23, 2012. to the senate: under the provisions of rule 1, paragraph 3, of the standing rules of the senate, i hereby appoint the honorable kirsten e. gillibrand, a senator from the state of new york, to perform the duties of the chair. signed: daniel k. inouye, president pro tempore. the presiding officer: the majority leader. the clerk will report the motion. the clerk: motion to proceed to calendar number 400, s. 3187, a bill to amend the federal food, drug and cosmetic act, and so forth and for other purposes. mr. reid: we are now on the motion to proceed to the f.d.a. user fees bill. the republicans will control the first half-hour, the majority the second half-hour. we're working on an agreement to consider amendments to the f.d.a. bill. we're close to being able to finalize that. we hope to get on an agreement and avoid filing cloture on t
attack in the united states in view of taking oath not to harm it when he was awarded his american citizenship. he responded that he lied when he took the oath. that shahzad's lie amount to betrayal and does not fall under permissible lying if the enemy during times of war. please request that pakistani taliban brothers to address this matter. also draw their attention to the fact that brother faisal shahzad appeared in photograph alongside commander f masoud. leader of attp. when he acquires american citizenship this requires taking an oath to not to harm america if he is unaware of this matter he should be informed of it. we must act swiftly to remove the suspicion that he engaged in the betrayal. the times square attempted attack was not only one that had the al qaeda no hand in pakistan. it is clear from the letters that the group's indiscriminate attacks, pakistani taliban's indiscrimenant attacks against muslims were of major concern to al qaeda. this led them to write a letter to respected brother massoud, the leader of the ttp. the authors explicitly stated that the satisfa
, will be revitalized and refocused on article v. the united states has f-16 training programs in poland and will retain a base in romania so there is just a few examples of the steps that we have taken as a nation as an alliance to reassure our eastern allies. there is more that can be done but i think those important first step so i've laid out these four problems in my argument is that at the summit and within nato, we are taking steps to deal with all of those problems. doesn't it doesn't mean they go away. but steps are taken to deal with them. >> thank you, madam. >> thank you all very much. i want to start dr. binnendijk with your comments amount missile defense and as mr. brzezinski mentioned earlier, this month we heard russia suggest that they might use preemptive force against missile installations if there is not a topic of agreement reached with nato. do you think this is just posturing? do you think there are -- this represents a heightened -- a heightened threat on the part of russia to oppose the missile defense installation or should we just expect more rhetoric and continue as you sugg
. right now here in the united states we have basically three approaches to the obesity problem facing nato and u.s. spending. and the three options are basically this. they were alluded to in the last panel and i will go over them very briefly. essentially the republicans laid out various options for eating more. in other words the house has offered a proposal to add $4 billion on top of what the pentagon has asked for. okay. we know this proposal coming from the house republicans is not going anywhere in the senate but it is a good indication where the political tenor is and what that faction of the republican believes is a solution to the problem that faces us. they have also put forward an alternative to sequestration. i won't go into that. if we look at mitt romney's campaign he basically said we should spend and this is an estimate, as much as $2.1 trillion over the next decade than what the obama administration for instance has laid out. 2.1 dral trillion more. want to emphasize that, mo, more the not cutting more. what is the obama administration's proposal? more or less stay t
situation. i think on balance our european friends and allies believe the united states a is at at table and working hard, trying to deal with increasing problems on the financial side of things, we're trying to work together to get economies balanced and get people back to work in a very big world where the europeans are the number one trading partners. we are intertwined, but domestically here at home, recovering politician, people better start paying attention because this is a democracy that is not a sideline game. it is a representative democracy which means people have to suit up, sit up, and vote, and we're losing that battle, and wiewr losing that battle, unfortunately, i think, because if there's more cynicism because it appears to be chic, then there is really an imperative for people to show up, but part of it is, you know, the sense of partisanship so i think if we can get to where heather wants to be, which is bipartisan national security and foreign policy, that would be great. my vote is for non partisan, getting ourselves to a place -- because we agree so very, very often
terrorist plot in the united states at this time and also comments by white house counterterrorism adviser john brennan when clearly there was a device that has been deemed to be a viable ied that was intercepted by the cia. how the administration can make these assertions that there is no credible plot underway? >> the statement was that there was no specific credible plot tied to the anniversary of bin laden's death. so, and that was and is an accurate statement. it was accurately made. the key point is that we will be taking all appropriate measures, now that the plot has become public, to make sure that the aviation and the traveling public remains safe. we will be working with airlines. we will be working with more nations. the tsa doesn't do passenger screening in foreign airports. they do that, so there will be and are all appropriate measures are being taken. >> it sounds like it was a parsed statement. >> did was, and it was for a good reason. it was because we needed to protect and are protecting the plot that was unveiled. >> anybody else? >> good morning. my name is antoinette
for the united states at the time of german unification in 1959, and it was an interesting example of state craft and the public's understanding because what our initial read of the situation in late after the berlin wall opened was the people of east germany wanted what the west germans had. there was a school of thought at that time called the third way saying, no, no, we're creating our own separate state. i was in east germany shortly after the wall opened, and i was in lute ran churches -- lutheran churches who played an important role in the civil society in such it could exist with the democratic republic, but what i could see was this was not going to be a merger. it was going to be a takeover because people wanted what west germany had. okay? it was an understanding of the whole momentum of the next 11 months that east germans were going to come one way or another. understanding societies, understanding the messaging, you know, even if you're a diplomat in the state department, it's critically important, and certainly in the world of development or trade or others, and so i underscore th
gone -- in the united states is at the highest level in 50 years, and the incidence of the return of measles in this country is the highest level in 15 years. childhood im-- immunizations are important to keep hurt kids healthy and safe. there is money in this prevention fund which the house republicans want to cut out calling it a slush fund, to be used for diabetes prevention. mr. president, you can't pick up a newspaper or a magazine without reading about the incidence of obesity, the growing number of overweight children, and the increasing incidence of diabetes among our children. in fact, forms of diabetes that used to be confined to adults in america are now being found in children in america. and these children have to be treated with pretty powerful drugs to overcome this disease of diabetes. so the house republicans say let us reduce the amount of money we are using for public education and treatment to reduce the incidence of diabetes and instead spend it on student loans. what a faustian bar began that -- bargain that is. what a bargain with the devil that is, put at r
, as much business in the united states. we would be working in other countries, other just exdids more heavily without the loans or the mandates. >> mr. ahern would you say the same thing, that you would, your malaysia factory would be still selling in europe and you would still be in business and s&p 500 listed company if not for domestic mandates and guaranties? >> we would still be a successful company but we would not be in the financial condition, sound financial condition we're in and we would not have successfully entered the u.s. utility market. we would be a smaller company without this. >> isn't it true that if not for a waiver as to the car sin owe against, that are in our pvs in fact you wouldn't even be in the european union at all? you needed a waiver for your technology to be fielded? >> no, that is not true. the product isn't car sin owe againic. there is a material, that is stable compound. >> but need ad waiver in the european union for you to field it, didn't you? >> it didn't, no. >> it didn't? you didn't rely on a single study paid for in order to convince people o
-import bank of the united states be adopted, there be no amendments, motions or points of order to the bill other than budget points of order and applicable motions to waive. that there be an hour of debate equally divided between the two leaders or their designees prior to a vote on passage of the bill. the presiding officer: is there objection? mr. kyl: mr. president, reserving the right to object. i would ask the majority leader to modify his request to accommodate a few amendments. therefore, i ask consent that the request be modified to allow the following amendments -- corker, number 2102, financing for transaction subsidized by export credit agencies. vitter, 2103, prohibitions on funds used for energy development outside of the u.s. toomey 2104, $40 billion increase contingency. lee number 2100 phaseout. and paul 2101, limitation on ex-im support. and i further ask consent that following the disposition of the listed amendments, the bill be read three times and the senate proceed to vote on the passage of the bill with a 60-vote threshold. before the chair rules, i would say that th
as they clean reliable source of energy in the united states. geothermal power is a unique source of renewable natural energy that is the product of heat generated by distorting the earth. your score is continually producing an enormous amount of heat, primarily by means of decay of the materials and secondarily by energy left over from the formation. heat generated in your score is connected upward in the christ under certain geological conditions such as being placed in a shallow chambers about young volcanoes or thinning of the christ in risk, such as occurs in nevada. rock and water and air shallow crust is sometimes heated to a high temperature. surface manifestations of the underlying the geothermal energy range from shallow clock to wander up hot springs. we are all familiar with some of the famous examples of geothermal energy in action such as volcanoes, not st. helens comes to mind. the old faithful guy in yellowstone national park, their hot springs areas. advances in technology harness the heat stirring rock and modern converts electrical power can be used to power cities and indus
and, as i said, even the president of the united states. she served as an intern at exceptional parent magazine, living in boston. that summer between her junior and senior year of high school, katie learned to manage her own medical care, directing the nurse who is provided her treatments and managed her ventilator. katie considered advocacy to be her vocation and chosen path. in particular, helping to raise the consciousness of other young people about disability issues. even though she found this work rewarding, she sometimes felt uncomfortable in those pre-a.d.a. days, as we say, pre-americans with disabilities act, to be singled out because of her disability. all she wanted with was, as shet it, to fit in and be normal. her first job was at a music store at a local job. she got the job by virtue of her knowledge and interest in music. but as katie said -- quote -- "advocacy is in my blood and my soul." so she looked for work that would allow her to help other people. she had been volunteering at the local ywca in the secondhand shop that supported the only homeless shelter for wom
responsible for planning and directing terrorist attacks against the united states. nevertheless, aqap continues to be al-qaeda's most active affiliate, and it continues to seek the opportunity to strike our homeland. we, therefore, continue to support the government of yemen in its efforts against aqap which is being forced to fight for the territory it needs to plan attacks beyond yemen. .. and appeal in the eyes of muslims around the world. >> excuse me. would you speak, the united states, what about the hundreds of innocent people we are killing with our drone strikes in pakistan and in the yemen and somalia? i speak on behalf of those innocent victims. they deserve an apology from you, mr. brennan. >> ma'am. >> how many people are you buying to sacrifice? why are you lying to the american people and not saying how many innocents have been killed? >> thank? for expressing your views. there will be a time for questions and answers after the presentation. >> pakistan, killed because he wanted to document the drawn strikes. i speak out on behalf of a 16 year old born in denver k
implicit approval from the united states? >> will again - he went to the point about assistance that might be provided by the united states and the importance of ensuring as best we can get that assistance reaches its intended recipients when it comes to humanitarian assistance obviously that means the syrian people who are suffering greatly because of the ratios for somebody. he also taught about the president's interest in a peaceful transition. can you try to clarify what does the president envisioned for the future of a solid if he were in the peaceful transition is it inevitable that he would be held accountable for the crimes that you have described or is it possible his going to a state that? >> i think we are focused on bringing about that transition. we are not focused on the decisions with the syrian people would have to make and the international community would have to make for the plan for the failure to abide by having the united nations observers who can account for the object of the account for the actions of the regime. i'm not going to prejudge now where that l
of the highest ranked chess players in the united states although i gather -- while he was at stanford he found the stanford review at a time when there is little by way of an outlet for conservative or libertarian voices for students. after law school he clerked for judge edmondson on 11th circuit, spent a short time the credits but then cofounded paypal. the rest is well known. peter treated a place for himself. he also created a place for himself as a public intellectual and provocateur, and is also well-known for his support of such things as the institute on artificial intelligence, the institute which creates autonomous libertarian communities, and most recently the fellowship for young entrepreneurs which is for young people who may be better served not going to college than doing so. he teaches an occasional class at the law school, actually teach a law school as often as i can persuade him to take the time to do so. the way i conceptualize that class is basically as the world according to peter teal, and i don't care what he does. [laughter] seriously, the idea is if you have a law sch
an additional incentive for aliens to enter, reside and work in the united states without authorization, which contradicts federal law and policy to remove such incentives." close quote. in july, 2011, again the treasury department, through its inspector general, issued a report that was actually entitled -- quote -- "individuals who are not authorized to work in the united states were paid $4.2 billion in refundable credits." close quote. so again, under this administration, the treasury department, the i.r.s. underscore that this is a huge problem to the tune of $4.2 billion every year. and so, mr. president, i urge all of us to come together in a straightforward, commonsense, bipartisan way to fix this problem. the fix is simple and it's clear. the i.r.s., the treasury department has told us we simply need to mandate that folks applying for the credit use valid social security numbers. that will cut off the fraud. that will cut off $4.2 billion going improperly to illegal alien families. it will not cut off the benefit going to anyone who deserves it under the law. and so, mr. president, wi
-sighted policy for the united states not to be involved with the private sector. now, as to the private sector, the amount of money we have at the federal level for africa is about $8 billion. the amount of money to be made helping the african people is hundreds of billions of dollars. the number of jobs to be created in america helping the african continent is millions of jobs. and we need you. we need you more than ever. so this partnership that we're talking about today is the future. no more money to dictators. money goes to people, and through the private sector it's going to get its best rate of return. now, my job was to and is to introduce secretary clinton. all i can say is that if you had to pick a person to tell the american story in africa or anywhere else -- and god knows we have our political differences, i have to say that. [laughter] for her own sake and mine. [laughter] but here's where we have a lot of commonality. she's dedicated to her job, she loves her country, and she understands the issues, and there are a lot of them in her job to understand. but more importantly, i th
and this is just the latest. the french socialists are not strangers for the united states. they shouldn't be strangers. it's been true that it has been 17 years since the socialists were in power and had the presidency but of course they ran the government about a decade ago when he was in power. we've always had a good relationship with any government that is there in france and i am confident we will have a good relationship with this government in france. we do have to see how this government has, is going to deal with it the issues of the day. it is one thing to be campaigning. it is always something different to be governing. it is not up to me, certainly not my job to predict how this will evolve but i would note that francois hollande during the campaign did say he would remain, keep france integrated in the military command structure. that was a remarkable decision by president sarkozy after so many years to come back into the command structure. i think france learned in the libya operation that being integrated into the command structure gives you a voice and a say over what ha
interest rates to rise at the end of june. the fact is that the united states workforce needs to have the skills to compete in the global economy, and that means making sure that colleges is affordable because so many of the new jobs that are being created require higher education. and the reality is that students today face ever-growing tuition rates and that student loans are a critical bridge for them to cover these costs. but unless we act, over 7 million students, 38,000 in my state of new hampshire alone, 38,000 who rely on subsidized stafford student loans, will see an increase in their student debt when they graduate. now, this is a particular problem for us in new hampshire because our students have the highest average student debt in the nation. they are graduating with just over $31,000 in debt per stiewns, and not only do they have the highest average debt, but 74% of our college students are in debt, and that's the second-largest number in the country. so we have the highest average debt, the second-highest number of students graduating with debt. the fact is that student
, technology, graduate programs who gets a degree and who wants to stay in the united states and work, and then go home -- what we would like for them to do instead of going home to create the next google in india or china or some other country, we'd like them to stay here and create it here. and it has broad brod support, it's a recommendation -- broad support, it has the recommendation of the america competes act which i worked on in 2005 and 2007, but i want to salute senator coons for his leadership on this and recognize it and now i'll turn to the budget with my remaining time. federal reserve chairman alan greenspan recently said the worst mistake president obama made was not embracing his own fiscal commission's recommendation to reduce our debt by $4 trillion over the next ten years. today, our national debt is more than $15.6 trillion, nearly $1.9 trillion higher than it was when the fiscal commission released its recommendations and $6.4 trillion higher than when president obama was sworn in. in january 2013 the first thing the next president will have to do is to ask the co
into the united states. you walk into that vitamin store, nutrition store, you think everything in there has been tested? no. virtually nothing has been tested. do you still have a right to buy it? yes, and i will fight to defend your right to buy t but i also think we have a responsibility, too. if people get sick and die because of a dietary supplement, we ought to do something about it. it starts with registration, simple registration. so the food and drug administration knows what's out there. a few years ago there was a picture from the baltimore -- there was a pitcher from the baltimore orioles who in an effort to lose a few pounds took a dietary supplement that included a compound called ephedra, a stimulant. he died as a result of that compound that he took. we ended up basically banning ephedra from dietary supplements as a result of it. i think it is important for the food and drug administration to have a list of the dietary supplements, the ingredients in when they're selling and a copy of the label. and some future ephedra, some future compound that we find that can be dangerous can
a key role in cybersecurity for the united states, and i find that when i talk about the role of homeland security, it's almost as important to talk first about not just its cyber robot of homeland security more generally. because while many people have heard of us, we have a great brand name recognition, we have something less than great brand name understanding of what it means we do when we talk about homeland security. what are we trying to do in this department, in this endeavor that we call homeland security? i'll talk a little bit about that, focus on cyber, touch on our strategy that we're promoting implement security, and didn't embrace obviously the theme of international partnership and what we are trying to do with the europeans and more broadly around the world in the area of cybersecurity. homeland security has at its heart the core mission of helping to create a safe secure resilient place where the american way of life can thrive. that's our sins. that's our motivation. that's out of touch to a safe secure resilient place where the american way of life can thri
it's very important that the president of the united states, i'm sure we'd share your views on this, speak out from the purge of the white house. obviously, as the leader of the free world. it's amazing to me that when asked about chen guangcheng come he said he had no comment. at the time during the horrible days of apartheid, when lech walesa and nelson mandela and lech walesa, others, if any president, reagan, bush were to be asked about those tremendous individuals, they would launch into a defense of those brave men and women, and yet no comment from the president here. thoughts on that if you could. the concern that we all have about the hurry up offense, time as you said quoting i think mick jagger, is on our side. we could have worked this painstakingly before allowing chen, whom we first heard from, to leave the embassy. and, finally, let me just say when waging change was in moscow, another great political leader, father of the movement in china, i met with him in the early 90s when the chinese wanted olympics 2000, and he was such a high value political prisoner, they tho
of the importance of nato to the united states. it is also an opportunity to underscore the american people the value of this alliance to security challenges we face today. the nato/summit in lisbon, nearly 18 months ago, the allies unveiled the new strategic concept that defines their focus in the 21st century. building on decisions taken in lisbon, the allies have three objectives for the chicago summit. afghanistan capabilities and partnerships and and if i might come and like to say a few words about each. afghanistan, the isaf coalition has made significant progress in preventing the country from serving as a safe haven for terrorists and ensuring that kids able to provide for their own scurity. these are both necessary conditions to fulfill the president's goal to disrupt, dismantle and defeat al qaeda. last week as the chairman of knowledge to the united states demonstrated its commitment to the longest term stability and security of afghanistan from president to bomb and president karzai signed a strategic partnership agreements. again, i appreciate chairman terry's assessment and l
: without objection. ms. mikulski: mr. president, i am so proud to be here on the floor of the united states senate to support the nomination of judge george levi russel. he is nominated for the united states district court and he has the enthusiastic support of senator cardin and myself. senator cardin will speak right after myself. i want to thank senators leahy and grassley for moving this nomination and the cooperation of senator reid and mcconnell. mr. president, when i take my advice and consent responsibilities very seriously. when i nominate someone for the federal bench, i have four criteria: absolute personal integrity, judicial competence and temperament, a commitment to core constitutional principles, and a history of civic engagement in maryland. i say these standards because i mean it. and i must say that judge russell, because he currently is on the circuit court of baltimore city, brings the right values to the bench. he has the necessary experience. he has seen the legal system from all perspectives and brings a top-notch background. he is nominated to fill the seat of judge
bio info in your packets. but he was appoint today the united states court of appeals by george w. bush in 2005, he has a ba from brigham young university, and his jd is from the university of virginia school of law. but most notably, he and his wife are the proud participants of six -- parents of six children and the grandparents of four. we're also particularly thankful to have judge griffith out here since he was at standford only two weeks ago -- stanford only two weeks ago. i don't know if it was us or the weather, but we're glad something could entice him to cock back a second time. >> -- come back a second time. >> thank you again. thanks to michael, e lan and barbara. although, elan, i wish you hadn't remarked i was out here two weeks ago in many light of mr. gray's comment, last panel that the dc circuit is woefully underworked. [laughter] so good morning. for those of us who are familiar with gatherings of the federalist society, this is the obligatory panel on the part of the constitution that seems to be of the greatest interest to federalist society event organizers e
broadband. >> i think some degree you can give credit to the satellite industry in the united states for bringing broadband to a majority of americans because while the cable industry probably was a little bit of asleep at the real when it came to direct broadcast they were not asleep at the wheel to figure out how to grow their business. they were able to do technology and through a lot of hard work and risk-taking they were able to figure out how to do broadband through their cable plan and upgrade to digital. competition for to us do that. so now the most profitable part of most cable companies today is in fact that broadband plan they did in, in effect because of the satellite industry taking a third of their customers. >> out in the audience itwell really was the doctrine of cable labs with people like dick green and tom moore and others that gave the cable industry opportunity they had to take advantage particularly of satellite. >> we face it a bit today. netflix is forcing us how to things like over the top video maybe we wouldn't have thought about before and so you have dis
everything to get more and more people interested in voting. and the united states, the world's greatest democracy, we are now passing laws to reduce the involvement of people. and it would seem to me in a democracy we should do every single thing we can to encourage voters, even voting after church on sunday. and that would assure a more and more voters in the political process. so we're having some strange eschews to surface for some strange reasons as we approach november. but the group to address those problems is gathered here today and so i want to talk to you just briefly using the words that were recorded in the fourth chapter and the 16th verse of the gospel according to luke. it is a word that you all know by memory as jesus and his disciples are passing through the region called galilee, they look up and see a village and someone says, well, you know, that is the hometown of jesus. and then nathaniel remarks, can anything good come out of nazareth. in luke we find the description is made that nazareth was where jesus was brought up. there is nothing in the holy bible, god's wo
of the united states armed forces. in this role, he serves as the principal military advisor to the chairman, the secretary of defense, on all matters involving joint and combined total force integration utilization, health of the forest and joint development for enlisted personnel. he is the recipient of many, many prestigious military honors, awards, and decorations, including the purple heart, american accommodation medal, and other metals. his wife, mrs. battaglia, is here tonight, who also deserves recognition. the men and women in uniform that are around the room here tonight in uniform are here to represent their colleagues in the five services of our country, and we applaud them and had an opportunity right before dinner was served to have them backstage, get photographs with rather significant military leaders like general powell, and all the honorees, which was a great treat for them. each of those on said, including general powell, it was a bigotry for them, the honorees, to get their picture taken with these enlisted men and women. as an old army sergeant, i would say in bringing
way that the united states government has created a set record net position on the national security staff, a way to ensure policy decisions can be made that take into account and reflect the different equities that we face in our foreign policy engagements. and so the office has been up and running now for about 14 months, and among the key things that are going on now that i think are worth noting for this group are as francois mentioned, increasingly engaging with the european union in addition to a key eu member states on a wide range of cyber security issues. we have a steady flow of the u.s. and ec officials as well as senior officials from all wide range of countries, but particularly european countries coming through the state department, coming through our offices. it is almost an exponential growth in the interest of talking about cyber. it is -- it is very encouraging. sometimes it is almost overwhelming to try to just hit the key opportunities in an n like the csi as conference where we can talk about these issues. certainly we are seeing a real interest across the board
in the united states are guaranteed either implicitly or explicitly by the u.s. government. i think that's too much that's grown over the last several decades. and i think that chasing that implicit safety net with more regulation is not a healthy course. i feel we have to be focusing on restoring market discipline, and more resilience that comes from the competitive markets. >> succumb if you have the authority what would you do right now? >> so, i think that we are playing a little bit of catch up and there are some strengthening of the regulatory oversight that we need to do and are doing and that's good but to restore the market discipline i would point to four things. first is living wealth. this is one of the good things that dodd-frank did. the requirement in some form or another the statutory requirement that banks. regulators approve plans for the orderly wind down of the institutions without the taxpayer funds. second is bankruptcy reform. i think for some reason over the years may be political, may be otherwise policy makers could become timid, shy of using the bankruptcy code to re
of magnitude that we are looking at changes in the united states and in any way describe them being shifted abroad. >> if i look at the medical charts in the median duration of unemployed or the use six unemployment, the spikes up that we have seen, they would tend towards less educated individuals. how would they fit into incentivizing business to make those structures? the answer is, we have missed a lot of construction jobs, isn't it? >> oh, it's not only construction jobs which obviously are very substantial part of the job loss, but it's all of those secondary and tertiary related issues. remember, when you bring that level of building down by half, it has an impact on the whole keynesian multiplier if you want to put it in those terms. so it shows up as unemployment not only in construction but in a whole series of other industries whose general level have been brought down by the fact that constructions impact on income and consumption in other investment has been so profitable for his. >> how do you propose that we jumpstart this so we start building structures? >> i think the first
or neutering pets, but when the united states government is borrowing approximately 40 cents out of every dollar that we spend, when we have a national debt in the -- in the area of $15 trillion, washington should not waste americans' hard-earned taxpayer dollars. but we continue to do it and this fund is a key example. according to the nonpartisan congressional budget office, eliminating the prevention fund would save about $13.5 billion over the next ten years. the fact is, congress already funds many prevention programs, prevention programs with a proven track record of success. examples include cancer prevention, tobacco prevention, host of other problems. so republicans have supported and will continue to support these critical prevention programs: cancer prevention, tobacco prevention, working on heart disease. however, the record is clear that the so-called prevention fund in the health care law is wasteful and duplicative. it doesn't help the people stay well or become well. now, senator alexander from tennessee has introduced legislation that would eliminate this slush fund and u
of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the presiding officer: the clerk will read a communication to the senate. the clerk: washington, d.c, may 10, 2012. to the senate: under the provisions of rule 1, paragraph 3, of the standing rules of the senate, i hereby appoint the honorable tom udall, a senator from the state of new mexico, to perform the duties f the chair. signed: daniel k. inouye, president pro tempore. mr. reid: mr. president? the presiding officer: the majority leader is recognized. mr. reid: i move now to proceed to calendar number 396, h.r. 2072. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: motion to proceed to calendar number 396, h.r. 2072, an act to reauthorize the export-import baipg of the united states and for other purposes. mr. reid: mr. president we're now on the motion to proceed to the ex-im bill. i hope we can pass the bill today. i haven't had an opportunity today to speak to the republican leader, but i'll do that shortly and will decide if there's
crisis. i think we need to be careful about the seven debt risk in the united states. and how that affects the financial system. i know, we are coming up on 1:00 i don't want to keep everybody for too long. let's see one or two last questions and we'll wrap up. >> okay you think with e wind gown the gse by selling off the assets to the mortgage corporations or do an idea of how we could do that and do you think the 30 year mortgage would go away if we were to get rid of the gse? >> i think -- sort of the, you know, the reason it was created was too wind down fannie and fraudy. it was -- only for fha loans. it no point to exist once outside of the charting legislation went and created a new securities market. of course you can wind them down. the whole notion where we won't have fixed rate loans without them. their intermediaries. there's got to be investors on the other side. you can't do anything unless you can sell it. it turns out that when these constitutions were created and when we got the dependent on fix rate mortgages, not 85% of the market on the other side was fix-r
claims by the chinese. the united states chiefly the of the u.s. navy will also do this, we're expecting, for taiwan, vietnam, malaysia, others. they are not worried because the u.s. navy has their back. in the context of the surface fleet then, and the lcs specifically, we are building a coast guard cutter for other peoples posts. that's what this is. okay? and other countries are choosing not to build anything at all. now, they have grown accustomed to this. been sheltered under our protective umbrella for a long, long time. they have become depend on the u.s. navy. they are not worry. some people in this town, indeed many people here in washington like it that way. it like being the world's lease. they like being the guarantor. or the global force for good. and if others are less inclined to defend themselves and their interests that's okay. i see things differently. my colleagues here at cato's see things different. we doubt the benefits of global primacy are outweighed by the cost. we dispute the claim. globalization depends on a single superpower to police the comments and enforce
to the president of the united states. now, this doesn't sound like the type of man that we would find himself sitting alone in a federal prison cell, but that's exactly what happened to chuck colson and what happened there changed his life forever. known as president nixon's hatchet man, colson pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in the daniel elseburg case in the watergate scandal and went from white house special counsel to incarcerated felon. in fall, from a confidante of the president of the united states to a federal prison cell is about as far and as deep as anyone could fall. that's what we call hitting rock bottom. but rock bottom for chuck colson became a time of repentance, a time of grace, and a time of transformation. far from the rose garden, he was behind those prison bars where chuck colson made one of the most important decisions of his life, one that would impact the lives of thousands. he decided to dedicate the rest of his life serving the god that he loved. the scripture in proverbs reads trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in
, becoming an assistant united states attorney in los angeles. during her seven years there, she prosecuted a broad array of crimes, including violent crimes, narcotics trafficking, organized crime, gun case perks and all kinds of fraud. in 2000 she received a special commendation from f.b.i. direct or louis freeh for obtaining the first conviction never the united states against a defendant for providing material support to a designated terrorist organization. the justice department recognized her with numerous other awards and commendations for superior performance. and she was promoted to deputy chief of the general crime section. in 2002, governor gray davis appointed judge nguyen to the los angeles superior court, where she established a track record of success as a distinguished jurist. in 2009 president obama nominated her to the district court on my recommendation, and she was confirmed unanimously. over nearly ten years as a state and federal judge, judge nguyen has presided over thousands of cases, including 75 jury trials and 12 bench trials. she prizes fairness and integrity and
, the wic program now serves 53% of all the infants in the united states, first year of life. and so it has a huge preventive health role, and that program, we made changes in so-called food package a year ago last october. that successfully implemented across the country. we have about 65,000 wic stores, so-called, across the country. they are required to have more depth of the stock as which is described in terms of healthy foods. and that has been successfully implemented. each month, about 9 million american moms and their children participate in the wic program. well, that new food package was based on recommendations that were made to us by the institute of medicine. well, that same institute of medicine has made recommendations to us to improve the nutrition standards and the food served and child care centers across the country through a program where opera called the child and adult care feeding program. we're very anxious to move forward with that each day about 3.3 million children are in child care or served in child childcare either before or after or during school hours based
? and against the continued debate again -- homeland security. how close his the united states towards reducing its dependence on energy supplies from hostile states? over the next hour, these and other issues will be in the spotlight, so don't forget to submit your question as we welcome you to ajc's great debate on election 2012. [applause] >> thank you. thank you to linda and john and welcome to this year's ajc great debate, and i especially want to welcome our viewers were watching on c-span across the country and around the world. our subject is the 2012 american election. its implications for domestic and foreign policy, its specific implications for developments in the middle east and for the security of our democratic ally, israel come its meaning of the yardstick of political attitudes on loyalties in the american jewish community. ajc it must be clearly stated at the outset district laid nonpartisan. we do not, and we cannot, support any particular candidate in any election. but, nonpartisan does not mean nonpolitical. the policies that we have vacated the united states and around the
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